Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

The Food Ingredients Division manufactures and blends a wide range of selected ingredients for the meat, poultry, smallgoods, bakery, health & nutrition, snack food and beverage industries.



We stock a large range of knives and tools for chefs and butchers from iconic cutlery companies VICTORINOX and WENGER. Pepper Mills from CHEF SPECIALTIES, knife luggage, sharpening devices, and many other accessories complete the portfolio.

Gelato & Patisserie

Gelato & Patisserie

The Gelato & Patisserie division handles a range of Italian ingredients and flavours for gelato from COMPRITAL. Presentation accessories and equipment are also available.

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Oppenheimer is a modern organization serious about business and our customers since 1870. Emerging from an international family owned business, Oppenheimer today remains family owned however with a distinct Australian focus.

With operations in Australia, New Zealand, China and India and global alliances with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, Oppenheimer is now one of the industry leaders in providing innovative solutions for global food service operators, major hospitals and catering organizations, leading Australian retailers.

At Oppenheimer, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to our client’s business by providing innovative and adaptive solutions that exceed their expectations backed by an unbeaten commitment to service.

After 145 years in business, Oppenheimer is now a modern and innovative organization. Oppenheimer has grown from an international family owned business lead by Harry Oppenheimer, to an Australian owned and managed private business.

From 1914, the Oppenheimer Casing Co., as it was known then, decided to combine old world tradition with new world technology. Under the leadership of Harry Oppenheimers son Seymour, the Oppenheimer Casing Co. was among the first to recognise the possibility of using regenerated cellulose for sausage and smoked meat casings. This single idea propelled Oppenheimer to a position of leadership in the world meat processing industry.

In the early 1980’s, Oppenheimer secured and grew the range and profile of the leading Swiss brand, Victorinox.

In the mid 1980’s, the then management team of Oppenheimer’s Australian based operations formed a bid to take control of the business. The team was lead by managing director Mr. Shah allowed the domestic operations to flourish and expand into a new area of opportunity and global growth.

In 1990, the business refocused on its core competency in delivery solutions to the meat and small goods market. With significant global alliances being formed with the likes of Danisco, Budenheim and Red Arrow reinforced with the long term partnership with Victorinox from Switzerland.

Today, positioned for increasing growth, Oppenheimer still holds its history as paramount in the future direction of the company. Under the current leadership team, Oppenheimer is now a thriving and technologically advanced company priding itself on the ability to respond to its client’s businesses by providing innovative and adaptive solutions which is backed by an unbeaten commitment to services exceeding their expectations.


With operations in Australia, New Zealand, India and China and global alliances with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, Oppenheimer is now one of the industry leaders in providing innovative solutions for global food service operators.


Phosphates are natural components of almost all foods and are also used as key ingredients for the production of many foodstuffs. For decades, Chemische Fabrik Budenheim, has been one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of highly purified phosphoric acid and phosphates.


With 9,500 employees in some 47 countries, Danisco is one of the world’s leading producers of food ingredients, enzymes and bio-based solutions. Danisco ingredients are used in about every second ice cream and cheese, every third box of detergent and every fourth loaf of bread produced globally.


For nearly 50 years, Red Arrow has provided superior smoking solutions to the processed meat industry as well as flavor and processing solutions to the food industry.


With more than 100 types of enzymes and microorganisms and not less than 700 different products, Novozymes has the largest enzymes and microorganisms product portfolio in the world.


Victorinox is synonymous with quality & value for money. From a small paring knife to a large butcher knife, there is a Victorinox tool for every job. Victorinox knives make working easier, safer and more enjoyable for Chefs & Butchers the world over.


Comprital is, today, a leading name in the Italian ice-cream industry. The company has a dynamic and flexible organizational structure that enables it to respond rapidly to the demands of the market. Streamlined and flexible, it also boasts an in-depth understanding of the sector’s product and technologies.


Alcas produces a wide range of items for the ice-cream and the confectionary field. It offers classic collections like trays, containers, cups and accessories as well as innovative collections like joy-cups and elegant take-away solutions.