Cafe Range

Our Café Range of products is intended to give our gelato customers access to items better suited to the colder months. Churros, Waffles, Crepes and Pancakes all give depth to your menu offerings and another reason for patrons to visit your store. The wide range of Comprital Toppings, Ripples and Sauces further increases the number of choices you have on offer so that your customers never get bored with your menu. Our Dulce de Leche from France is another quality product with a multitude of recipe possibilities in a gelato store, café or bakery. Our Chai Latte is popular in Cafes and Gelaterias across the country.
We are set to expand our Café Range over the coming months to include Hot Chocolate mixes and a wide range of Ice Blended and Granita type offerings.


For all stockist information please contact our area representatives.

(NSW/VIC/ACT/SA) 0403 064 376 – Ben Cory
(QLD/NT) 0412 615 995 – Ton Driessen
(WA) 0408 861 425 – Peter Sutton
(TAS) 0413 446 216 – Marnie Semmens

National Sales Manager 0408 861 425 – Peter Sutton

Or please contact Oppenheimer on:
1300 130 952