We have been importing Gelato ingredients into Australia since 1992. In that time we have trained more gelato makers throughout Australia and New Zealand than any other company. Apart from running multiple participant training courses, we also offer one-on-one courses to people committed to opening a store, to show you what is involved and make sure you are happy you will be able to handle what is involved in operating your store on a day to day basis.
Once you are ready to open your store, we spend a couple of days with you using your equipment to make your opening stock of Gelato.
Gelato is not a one-size-fits-all product, so we tailor a training program to suit your individual needs, whether you are opening a single suburban store, a franchised group, or a manufacturing plant, we will offer you advice on design and set-up, equipment requirements and a comprehensive training program to suit.

For all stockist information please contact our area representatives.

(NSW/VIC/ACT/SA) 0403 064 376 – Ben Cory
(QLD/NT) 0412 615 995 – Ton Driessen
(WA) 0408 861 425 – Peter Sutton
(TAS) 0413 446 216 – Marnie Semmens

National Sales Manager 0408 861 425 - Peter Sutton

Or please contact Oppenheimer on:
1300 130 952